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The family of a mother of seven, who is 41 years old, has been forced to switch off her life support.

Cover picture for the articleFamily forced to turn off life support for mum of seven, aged 41. Her family had to make the heartbreaking decision after suddenly being rushed to hospital. At the age of 41, a mother of seven died when her life support was turned off due to a heart attack. Shannon...

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Cynthia Hall

Prayers and condolences to the family and friends of this beautiful young woman, I am so sorry for your loss. I pray his soul is at peace and may GOD grant the family peace at this difficult time. 💔⚘🌹

Jessica Cole

I'm sorry but the writer & editors of this article should be ashamed. They called the women by the wrong name & age when saying who her children & grandchildren are. Apparently she has the same name & age as her eldest daughter. Where is the respect here. I swear some of these articles are written by children who don't know how to use spellcheck.

Term limits

My nephew was in a car wreck. We were in hospital everyday. Became friends with Asian family that were akso rgere everyday. Their mother had been on life support for around 3 years. They were all visiting her, getting ready to unplug her from life support. The hispital was running test, checking for brain waves, everything they had to do before unplugging her from her life. The day before they unplugged her. One of her family came running in waiting room screaming, she moaned and moved. They all stood in shock, not knowing what to do. She calmed diwn and said they couldn't unhook her now. The Dr.s came in and spoke to the family. The family said they expected speedy recovery. Less than a week they brought her out on the way taking her home and introduced us. She was weak and would need physical therapy. I thought right them I coukd never agree to take anyones life. Its not our choice to begin with.


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