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Clearwater, FL

'She's Become A Virtual Hermit': Scientologist Kirstie Alley ‘Has No Plans To Return To Hollywood,' Dishes Source

Ok Magazine

Cover picture for the articleOn July 7, Kirstie Alley stepped out for a makeup-free grocery run near her waterfront home — a fairly regular occurrence for most celebs, but a shocking change of pace for the famously reclusive actress. Article continues below advertisement. Alley, 70, has been a veritable shut-in for three years and...

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Laura Holian

I say live and let live. She has found inner peace in her life and isn’t bothering anyone. I used to follow her on twitter (not on it anymore) and tho’ I didn’t always agree with her, her tweets were well thought out and she expressed them well. She is an intelligent person who deserves to live her life as she wishes.

Kate Thielmann

outside of her religious spiritual belief I applaud her for stepping out of the limelight...California and media is a land of fruits and nuts.

Rebecca Branch

Kristy Allen this is a cult!! When you take your last breath thou will know that Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal life!! So this fake cult can’t give you any thing but a false conception of freedom, because one day all these religions will see there’s only one way an that through our lord Jesus Christ! Repent an turn to Jesus Christ!!! The Gospel is so free an simple but this wicked world has added an taken away from the true gospel an they will pay dearly with there souls!!!


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