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Trump Escalates Voter Fraud Claims After Arizona SOS Urges Him to 'Accept' Loss


Cover picture for the articleFormer President Donald Trump escalated his baseless voter fraud claims in Phoenix on Saturday, saying that Democrats can't win any elections without cheating—after Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs urged the Republican to get over his 2020 election loss. Hobbs, a Democrat, encouraged Trump to "take your loss, accept it...

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If Obama conducted himself any where near the manner in which Trump has....and is, this country would have DEMANDED his permanent removal from the face of the earth immediately. Just look what Repukican'ts did to Al Gore after 1 challenge to George W. Bush in 2000. They told him to go away and accept the results...and he did gracefully. Now the pants are covering their ass's and look how they're acting towards Dems...and the entire country and world theater. And call themselves patriot!!!

Thomas Wilson

If "John Doe" led a insurrection and failed, he would be incarcerated awaiting trial. Benedict trump led an insurrection and is walking free and again telling the same lies. this failed president and failed dictator is a danger to our democracy and to our national security and more than deserves to be behind bars awaiting trial right next to his soldiers who attacked the police and the Capitol. Rich white privilege is only reason this traitor is not being held accountable for his actions!! and if not now, he may very well try again and why not when there's no consequences to his actions.

Denise Voyles

This little man lives in his own reality. We should let him go home. stay home and pretend whatever he wants.


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