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Why Randy Fenoli Felt “Disgusted” and Walked Off a ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ Appointment

Cover picture for the articleAfter 14 years on Say Yes to the Dress, bridal consultant Randy Fenoli has seen brides through it all. But one particular appointment will likely stick out in his mind forever ... and not in a good way. While speaking to Insider, the 57-year-old designer reflected on the time a...

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Beth Janousek

just saw that. would have told mother to shut up you're not wearing the dress. sounded to me like maybe mom wants the spotlight. randy has strong willpower. felt so bad for that bride. poor excuse of a mother for sure.


I watched this episode and it actually made me cry- I couldn't imagine treating my child that way! Randy handled the Situation well, I was thankful he was there for her!

Margie Algood

Randy Fenoli was a blessing to so many brides. Both befo; and, especially after he started designing again. It seemed to me that he treated the brides as if they were family. I just watched the one the hed did with the bride who was blind (from an auto accident when she was a teenager); and, he was doing it with the help of Lisa. It has become my favorite. Rant has always helped the brides feel Beautiful; no matter who she was. My husband and I are going to be doing a re-vow ceremony; and, I wish Randy could be there; as far as I know (I called) Lisa is still at Klienfelds and she is my FAVORITE consultant.


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