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Oklahoma reels after Supreme Court ruling on Indian tribes

Midland Reporter-Telegram

Cover picture for the articleKyle Willis hadn't seen Kimberly Graham in years, since the day she was sentenced to 107 years in prison after she drunkenly plowed her truck into a group of motorcyclists in Tulsa, killing five people, including his mother and stepfather. So it was a shock when he saw her at...

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Stephen Howk

I also feel sorry for the victims and their family's, God watch over 🙏 them! But I also feel for the Trail of Tears victims and their ancestors! Treaties are legal documents and should be honored!!!

Donita Westenhaver

this is not related. but the housing assistance and lifeline phone I received. I had to say I was on Indian land. I agree that All of Oklahoma is. but the prosecution of crimes should be only on tribal lands that the Indians themselves have in place. I worked at Seiling hospital. The Indian people had to go to a designated Indian clinic and hospital unless it was an extreme emergency. that's messed up

Shawnnette Elliott

She was my friend and you had no remorse you killed a lot of my peeps that night. I don’t care where she was at???right is right and wrong is wrong! May karma be at your back.she drove on the sidewalk rolled right over them and drove away. So sad


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