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Chiefs TE Travis Kelce responds to backlash over NFL memo on vaccinations

USA Today

Cover picture for the articleThe hot button issue in the NFL is COVID-19 vaccination, and the choices players have made heading into the new season. The league issued a memo last week, stating that a team may be forced to forfeit a game if unvaccinated players test positive, leading to an outbreak of COVID-19. This opened up a flurry of complaints from some of the league’s biggest stars.

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Next time you eat a burger or have an urge to, just think about it, think about that choice. Heart disease kills more people than any virus going around. Next time someone offers you some little debbie make sure you think about that choice because diabetes kills more people than any virus out there.

Mike Constantine

So the NFL is gonna fine unvaccinated players if they get Covid, Are they gonna fine the vaccinated players of they get Covid, They can't treat those 2 groups differently, That is discrimination! The NFL has worded it that the penalties will only apply to the unvaccinated, But that is not legal. You can't treat the black players Differently from the white players! I don't think they have totally thought this out!

Randy Wamsley

If all the NFL players that were against vaccines said we're not playing you would probably not see a season this year


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