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Joe Biden Mocking Donald Trump by Drinking Water With One Hand in Viral Video


Cover picture for the articlePresident Joe Biden appeared to mock Donald Trump during a campaign rally in Virginia. In a video shared to Twitter by @Acyn, President Biden was filmed mid-speech making a point of stopping to drink from a glass of water. "Excuse me," he said before putting the glass to his mouth...

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Everyone talks about Trumps personality, but when Biden talks about unity he continually fails. He fails to negotiate, he fails to listen, he fails to keep comments to himself. I don’t buy Biden’s fakeness. Especially seeing videos of all he’s said in his long career. So disgusting and now he pretends to be a good person. Nah

Sgt A

Ok, so he drank the water with one hand... If only he could remember where he was, who he is, and what he was drinking. 🤣🤣🤣


In the first 24 hours Beijing Biden signed executive orders and ordered other actions: -Killed at least 400,000 + jobs in the USA -Eliminated women’s sports -Invaded Syria -Left the National Guard to freeze in a garage -Admitted he doesn’t have a plan to fight Covid -Broke his own mask mandate EO-Ended energy Independance -1.6 billion in wages lost-USA Embracing Tradition of MAO & CCP-immigrants from Central America are on a catch, release, protect, reward — free housing, education, healthcare, jobs - Beijing Biden pushes for Taliban pipeline in afghanistan after killing keystone pipeline -Andy Ngo Talks Infiltrating CHAZ and Antifa’s Plot to Destroy America supporters by Beijing Biden - buying energy from Russia and stopped the pipelines to Ukraine -


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