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'Only White Lives Matter': Black Dem Rep. Cori Bush Shares Racist Death Threats


Cover picture for the articleOn Twitter, Black Missouri Democratic Representative Cori Bush shared racist death threats that she has received. "Only white lives matter, you bed-wench porch monkey [n-word]," one message read. In a Thursday Twitter thread, Bush wrote, "White supremacists wanted me dead before I came to Congress. And white supremacist threats on...

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Joe Burton

I don't believe in racism. But this woman spews (in my opinion) hate. So, she shouldn't be surprised at the comments directed back to her.


Why aren’t we calling the racist black people “black supremacists”? All you have to do is go onto a dominantly black website and view comments. Many are hate filled claims of white people being “less than” those with melatonin, whites are not allowed in heaven because Jesus was black and the Bible speaks of the white race being evil. Or relating whites to pig skin and inbreds, Neanderthals. These comments should go unmentioned because they are against a white person? Racism comes in all colors we all deserve a moment. Hate is hate. I see humans not races.

The Brockster

Cori Bush is a racist, no doubt about it. She is filled with hate and rage and has no business being in congress. She should leave the country and go someplace else, someplace where she will be happier.


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