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Through vaccination or infection, doctors predict Florida will hit herd immunity to COVID-19

Cover picture for the articleTAMPA, Fla. - The coronavirus is sweeping through unvaccinated populations across the globe, and especially in Florida. Bay Area experts believe this will be the final wave of the pandemic because, after this spike, we should hit herd immunity because the majority of people will have either been vaccinated – or infected.

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If this is the way to get herd immunity ,everyone getting the virus why did we even need the vaccine. People that have gotten it also get the virus. Starting to sound like this virus made some very rich. Pharmaceutical companies and those who own stock in them. The world was their guinea pigs for their end game. Shame on the NIH, Fauci and the Wuhan lab. I’m sure Gates had something to do with it also from what has been reported


Would someone please tell me why vaccinated people are getting the virus!!! I personally know about 3 people who are vaccinated but now have the virus??????????????????

Geoff Warnock

Yep - it’ll go away eventually. Most pandemics end. We just need to determine what human cost we’re willing to accept. Polio is a good example - it laid waste to many lives that ended up needing lifelong care at great expense - but we developed a vaccine. Not 100% effective, and actually harmed some - but the world survived. CoVid - some thing, we can let it kill and impact people mildly or severely, or not at all - and the human race will handle it. Shortened life spans, disability, just like polio and other pandemics / epidemics. Get a shot, or not, but don’t claim ‘freedom to do what I want’ then become a ‘Socialist’ looking for government handouts because you can’t work for the rest of your life if that happens. Maybe just listen to doctors and have them explain what it took them 8-years to learn at an institution of higher learning than a talking head on television or radio.


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