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Washington, DC

SEALs have a new target: Congress

Washington Examiner

Cover picture for the articleWashington’s greatest hope for political bipartisanship and action may be in the hands of the nation’s most lethal outfit — U.S. Navy SEALs. In a show of political force never before seen, five retired SEALs are running for House seats in 2022, hoping to join Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw, who is expected to win a third term.

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Michael Anderson

Their message is exactly what is needed in DC. I wish we had 100 more of these people elected to congress willing to put the nation first and self interests last.

Derek Shank

if I lived in their districts I'd vote for everyone of them. the fact that put their life on the line everyday they go to work to protect our Constitution speaks volumes about who I want representing "we the people"

De Uthe

Team Seals!!! So encouraging to see Hero’s who fought and made sacrifices beyond imaginable stand for the people, and represent the voice of the people in an honest, devoted, and selfless challenge of unity. united we stand. Your right the system at present is broken beyond imaginable. And is over run and fueled by hate and selfish politicians who’s ego and corrupt ways is damaging all. When you are voted in please bring a bill for “Term Limits” and makes some deep changes. This is best news ever and I pray and wish you all luck. I can not tell you how good and reassuring this feels. To see the very people representing, make a team effort and work together for the good of all is magical. Such a difference this could make!!! As is its just one big fight for power and leverage with no concerns nor care for very people who voted them in nor this great Country. We need this and we need you! Hope is back! If elected your job will not be easy and could even be life Threatening… Pr


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