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Christine Blasey Ford's lawyers blast FBI's Kavanaugh investigation as 'sham'

The Hill
The Hill

Attorneys for Christine Blasey Ford, whose sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh became the center of his Senate confirmation hearings, on Friday accused the FBI of carrying out a “sham” investigation into the accusations.

The strong criticism from attorneys Debra Katz and Lisa Banks came after Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (R.I.) released a letter the FBI sent to him and Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) revealing that the agency had gathered more than 4,500 tips related to its probe into Kavanaugh over the claims.

The FBI added in the letter that it referred all “relevant tips” to the office of the White House counsel, though it was unclear if the FBI followed up on any of the tips.

Katz and Banks on Friday said that the FBI letter, which was a response to a 2019 inquiry from the senators over concerns that the White House had limited the probe, revealed that the agency allowed “those who supported Kavanaugh to falsely claim that the FBI found no wrongdoing.”

“The letter from the Department of Justice, released by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse’s office today, confirms what we knew: The FBI’s investigation into Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s serious allegations about Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh’s sexual misconduct was a sham and a major institutional failure,” the lawyers wrote.

“Not only did the FBI refuse to interview Dr. Ford or the corroborators listed in our letter to FBI Director [Christopher] Wray, it failed to act on the over 4,500 tips it received about then-nominee Kavanaugh,” Ford’s attorneys added.

They went on to say that the FBI probe “should have never been an ordinary background check.”

“The FBI should have referred the evidence it was receiving to the Criminal Investigation Division,” the attorneys argued, adding that Wray “must answer the question as to why he failed to do so.”

“Because the FBI and Trump’s White House Counsel hid the ball on this, we do not know how many of those 4,500 tips were consequential, how many of those tips supported Dr. Ford’s testimony, or how many showed that Kavanaugh perjured himself during his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee,” the attorneys argued.

“Our nation deserved better,” they added.

Kavanaugh was ultimately confirmed to the Supreme Court in a 50-48 Senate vote after Ford and two other women accused him of sexual misconduct.

A group of Democrats led by Whitehouse and Coons sent a letter to Wray on Wednesday demanding answers on the thousands of tips the FBI had received, noting that the revelation “confirms that the FBI’s tip line was a departure from past practice and that the FBI was politically constrained by the Trump White House.”

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And she was nothing but a sham. A schill put forth and prepped by Feinstein lawyers. For someone making such accusations but couldn't remember a thing. Her testimony consists of Don't recall, Don't remember, etc etc. But we'll prepped by lawyers to give the emotional impact and theatrics of well timed baby talk and so on. The democrats and liberal media played right into their hand of adoration for her and the constant support for her credibility. If it was a court of law no prosecuting attorney in their right mind would put something that weak on the stand for it goes well beyond reasonable doubt. Their own witnesses that supposedly was there with her couldn't collaborate with her story. She should take her millions from the go fund me and fade into obscurity.

Dick Johnson 304

Everyone knows the "investigation" was a sham. It was a power play by a criminal, white supremacist administration and now, political party, to seat one of their own on the Supreme Court. Check your history, these people have always followed the same playbook; when the facts don't suit your narrative, just lie and make stuff up while doing everything you can to distract from the truth. If you have terrible ideas that have a proven track record of failure, people will not vote for you, so the solution is to focus becomes restricting who votes as opposed to actually suggesting ideas that help people. There has been growing insecurity about changing demographics in America for years and an inherent fear of retribution for obvious wrongs and refusal to acknowledge them. That compounded with the childlike thinking of much of the base is leveraged to keep super rich people in power, even though these same people are disgusted by the people that support them. You cant make this stuff up! lol

Shirley Ward

I take from the remarks most of those are coming from men. Had that railroad hearing been properly done, those tips would all have been followed up on. If we'd had a person in the Whitehouse with any semblance of understanding of our constitution, that hearing wouldn't have been railroaded thru.


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