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Democrats walked out. Now, Republicans are proving them right.

Cover picture for the articleOn Wednesday morning, Texas Democrats held a virtual press conference to reaffirm their commitment to combating voter suppression. The legislators’ defiance could even be felt, a surprising development considering the significant challenges they’ve faced since arriving in the nation’s capital last week. To call the lawmakers’ time in D.C. up-and-down...

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Flying Dutchman2

The Democrats can’t point to anything in the Texas voting bill that prevents people from voting. It expands hours of voting.

Your Loud Neighbor

I’ve leaned more right most of my life, I was born in Texas, I love Texas. That being said, no matter which way you swing…none of us should agree with legislation that does not fix the problems we face. The voting bill does not FIX voter fraud. The fence Abbott put up does not STOP immigration. The power grid problem has not been addressed. 10 years from now, we’ll still be told to “reduce our energy” during peak usage times.


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