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Christina Haack Gets Surprise from Daughter After 'Rough Week' amid Tarek El Moussa Confrontation


Cover picture for the articleChristina Haack received a thoughtful surprise from her eldest child after an admittedly "rough week." PEOPLE reported Wednesday that Haack's ex-husband and Flip or Flop costar Tarek El Moussa went on a verbal tirade against her on the set of their HGTV show. Haack, 38, and El Moussa, 39, tied...

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Cecile medford

I think that was a really sweet & thoughtful thing to do for your Mom !!!!!I hope Heather Rae listened intently to Tarek's "tirade."


His fiancé needs to sit him down and let him know, in no uncertain terms, that what he did was shamefully wrong. He needs to remember that Christina is the mother of his children and should never be spoken to that way. He sounds like an angry, bitter man that is getting too big for his pants. He needs to deeply apologize to Christina and to his children, especially his daughter so she understands that no man should talk to her that way and then to his son, so he knows that no matter what, you should never treat a woman that way. Shame on you Tarik. We now see who you are.

Diana Haley

Young needs to be told she is nit their mom. Their is a big difference between mom and stepmom and needs to stay in her place. They also should not be sleeping in the same with their father and his girlfriend. WTH is wrong with that woman. She is way out of place in that family. Want children have your own.


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