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Catelynn Lowell Called "Disgusting, Twisted" For Implying Butch Died in Shameless IG Bait

The Hollywood Gossip

Cover picture for the articleRemember when everyone who watched Teen Mom loved and adored Catelynn Lowell so much?. Goodness, how things have changed ... Back on her episode of 16 and Pregnant, when she and then-boyfriend Tyler Baltierra decided to place their daughter for adoption instead of trying to raise her in their incredibly unstable homes, she got heaps and heaps of praise.

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Misti Diane Overfelt

I didn't see it implied he had passed away. The Teen Mom shows & 16 & pregnant shows cast members are tied to contract stuff & those people post this. It doesn't necessarily mean they post this themselves.

Vivian Carrillo

let people or tabloids or what everyone thinks. It's Gods hands so keep your family in your Heart's. and love what you have right now! Hey No one is Perfect... It's in your Heart what counts... Sister in-law, niece, nephew... Give them support like you all been doing...❤️💕💘

Autumn Cassels

on a different note, she looks so much better w the longer hair and lighter hair color!


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