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Tulsa, OK

12-Year-Old Arrives at Hospital Nine Months Pregnant and the Authorities Have Questions

Scrubs Magazine

Cover picture for the articleProviders were shocked to see such a young girl come into the hospital with a baby on the way. Authorities say Juan Miranda-Jara, 24, walked into Hillcrest Hospital in Tulsa, OK on July 14th with the young pregnant girl. The doctors called the police and told them they had a potential rape on their hands. Miranda-Jara was then arrested and charged with first-degee rape of a minor. However, the man’s relationship to the girl remains unknown.

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the parents of both seem to have known about the relationship and baby, the girls parents are equally responsible for this and should atleast be charged with neglect.

The Liquor Guy

We have our own laws and he broke them. Whatever laws and customs the country they came from are, they don't matter. You are in this country, you follow this country's laws. The laws of your former country do not supercede ours. You don't like that? Too bad, go home.


they need to gather up all of the creatures that was at the baby shower and lock them up for life. they were all aware she was a child having a child. start with the parents.😠😠 thank God she and the baby is doing well.💞💕


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