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The Kavanaugh news proves it's impossible to have an apolitical Supreme Court

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New revelations about the paper-thin look the FBI took into Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his 2018 confirmation fight is a potent reminder that even the nation's highest court is now infected with partisan politics.

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Scott Ely

If you believe what CNN saying then your fd in the head. the democrats had their shot to destroy kavanaugh and they failed. As for the court being more republican I guess you forgot they went against Trump on the election fraud that was there to see but didn't want to. So maybe CNN should try reporting the truth for ones. They (CNN) has told so many lies they can't even remember what was really done.

Mike Galvin

More "bombshell" news from the Democratic networks that turns out to be much ado about nothing. Dems waited until the last minute as the hearings were to begin to spring their "bombshell" witness - the sad, clearly mentally disturbed lady who spun a lurid tale of having been assaulted at a high school party decades earlier which not even her own friends and family believed happened (although I do believe at this point in time she had convinced herself it was real). When it clearly wasn't going to work since not even Jeff Flake was buying it Dems demanded lengthy new FBI investigation even though Bureau had already vetted him in exactly the same way it had done All previous judges. This was transparently done to push hearings past election where they fought they would retake Senate. Now the new "bombshell" is that FBI didn't take seriously the flood of obviously phony allegations launched by Avenetti clients and other nuts.


Why should the have done an investigation? The alleged incident took place a long time ago. The accuser had witnesses that had no recollection of even being at the place the time alleged incident took place. Infact nothing she said even made it in the realm of possibility for it to have happened. So good job at not wasting tax payers dollars on an investigation for incident that likely did not happen.


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