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Former Biden Adviser Suggests Making Unvaccinated People Pay for Their Own COVID Testing


Cover picture for the articleAndy Slavitt, a former senior adviser to President Joe Biden's coronavirus response team, is suggesting that unvaccinated people begin paying for their own testing. Appearing on CNN Thursday night, Slavitt said workplaces and schools should consider mandating people be fully inoculated against COVID-19 or get a negative test result every single day.

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Frank Brislin

How about we make Joe the Squatter pay all expenses for the C/h/i/n/a/V/i/r/u/s cases caused by the I/l/l/e/g/a/l/A/l/i/e/n/s he allows to pour into our country. One third of them have it.

Dollicia Burks

There are some people in this world, who don't believe in any kind of shot, or vaccination, and have never even given blood, or had blood drawn from their bodies at all. so why would they start now? I say this is a Bully tactic to try and control people. I have other health issues, and they are not going to test me for that mess, nor are they gonna make me take that messy shot, that has only been approved for Emergency Trial. This shot has not been FDA approved.

Karen Frank

the testing for covid does NOT determine which type of covid you have. it merely tests positive for coronavirus. why, is our government calling all positive tests the delta virus when they don't know that without a blood test to confirm.


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