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My daughter, 14, was paralysed trampolining in dad’s back garden – I want other parents to know they can be dangerous

The US Sun
The US Sun

A MUM has warned other parents over the dangers of trampolines after her teen was left paralysed.

Pam Surano's daughter Mary became serious injured when she fell while jumping in her dad's garden last year - and she can now no longer move from the chest down.
A mum has shared her heartbreak after her teen was left paralysed after jumping on a trampoline

The American mum has recalled how her 14-year-old phoned her in agonising pain last August, explaining that she couldn't use her legs.

Doctors discovered that Mary had suffered from a spinal stroke, and believe that it happened while she had been jumping - causing her to fall.

Speaking to FOX News, her mum said: "You think of horrible fractures, broken bones, contusions.

"But you never think of something like this."

I know she’ll walk. 100%, with all of my heart

However, Pam insisted: "I know she’ll walk. 100%, with all of my heart.

She added: "God is leading this journey for us."

During the past year, doctors have been looking at "out-of-the-box" treatment options.

The family have been forced to travel from their home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to the Texan city of Dallas to access the right medical care.

You never think of something like this

Mary has been given a four-month-old puppy called Buddy, who sits in her wheelchair with her.

In a post on Facebook, Pam's friend Sherrie asked for people to pray for the teen's swift recovery.

She wrote: "I can’t get this beautiful girl or her mother off my mind and have been praying since I found out about it.

"May I ask you to intercede with prayers on their behalf? Imagine if this were your child?"

The Mayo Clinic recommends that parents add safety nets and pads to trampolines, which should be placed at ground level and far from trees and rocks.

They added that children should also be supervised at all times, and kids under six should stay off them.
Pam Surano's daughter can't move from her chest down
The 14-year-old, called Mary, suffered a spinal stroke
She is currently undergoing treatment in Texas
A puppy, named Buddy, sits in her wheelchair

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