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Meghan McCain Shuts Down 2nd Amendment Criticism: 'I Never Want to Be Lectured To' By Non-Gun Owners

Cover picture for the articleWith her time on The View waning, Meghan McCain went all-out for the Second Amendment during a discussion about the United States' gun violence epidemic. The conservative co-host insisted that she's "proud" to be both a gun owner and an NRA member, and she shaded her co-hosts, who have less experience with guns, for attempting to offer solutions. "I'm a gun owner. I'm an NRA member. I'm proud to be both," she said. "I never want to be lectured to by people who don't own guns."

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Shaunna Overby

good for her! I don't want anyone taking my guns, they have never once jumped out of the safe and shot someone...they are scared of the wrong people

MB sc

until I hear democrats upset about hunter Biden lying on his background check to get his guns I dont want to hear another word from these gun grabbers.

Stephen McDonald

The right of free people to bear arms is a basic, inherent and fundamental human right that actually predates our Constitution by several centuries. It is also, coincidentally, a personal choice. Just because you don't want to own a firearm, doesn't mean that you are within your rights to deny that basic, inherent and fundamental right to others. To each their own.


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