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Singer Luke Combs pays for funerals of 3 who died after show

ABC News
ABC News

BROOKLYN, Mich. -- Country singer Luke Combs is paying the funeral expenses of three young men who saw him perform at a Michigan music festival before they died from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning at a nearby campground, relatives said.

“For him to reach out and do that, I don’t even have the words. I wish I could just give him a hug," said Meeka Sova, the mother of Kole Sova.

Sova, 19, William “Richie” Mays Jr., 20, and Dawson Brown, 20, were found dead in a travel trailer on July 17. Police said the friends were exposed to emissions from a portable generator that was too close to their camper. Two more young men remain in a hospital.

Mays' mother, Amy Satterthwaite, recalled how she held her son's hand the previous night during Combs' appearance at the Faster Horses Festival, a weekend show at Michigan International Speedway.

“That was the last time we were with our boys,” Satterthwaite said.

Combs had no comment about the donation, spokeswoman Asha Goodman told

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Sharon McNeely

Thank you Luke for being the thoughtful and kindhearted for these families! God Bless you and your family! Condolences and prayers to family and friends! Way too young to go. Speedy recovery to the two men who are hospitalized! 🙏🙏❤❤🌹🌹

Shannon Jackson

such a great man and very kind of you to help these families in the tragedy they had to face. God speed for the recovery of the other two men.

Ricahard Smith

Thank you LC FOR BEING A REAL UPFRONT DUDEFor havin a TRUE HEART OF COMPASSION!Beyond of any doubt due to Your Upbringing andpersonal Faith or not.Honorable! Justified!And most needed Rational with just the basic Common Sense LOGICthat surpasses The elite brainers and ungodly Wisdom.GSGB SiRicahard


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