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Prepare Now for War in the Pacific

Cover picture for the articleThe window to prepare for war in the western Pacific is closing quickly. The United States must build and prepare naval forces that can deter China, or defeat it if necessary. When I served in the Marine Corps, I spent most of my time as far away from ships as possible in the middle of the Iraqi desert and as a Middle East expert. In what might have been the only successful pivot in recent U.S. foreign policy, since entering Congress, I have dedicated much of my focus to maritime security in the Indo-Pacific.

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Bonnie Butcher

Jumping of point,I'm not pro any war.that being said ..if we go to war again can we please bring back the draft & send all these "woke" ..self empowered 🙄 gen z's out to fight..Guarantee they'll come back with a whole new set of viewpoints & perceptive on the government & their own personal life's.


The US marxist government will spend the money set aside for building the military on importing and paying the guaranteed income, housing and healthcare for millions of illegal aliens to dilute the republican vote and destroy private small business. The US will become a chinese speaking third world country.

Jerry Vargo

War is coming for sure . The next war howevet will not just be somewhere else far away , it will be here also. Anericans will experience war here at home with bombs and rockets .


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