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Illinois teacher fired over anti-riot comments says colleagues 'terrified' for free speech

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleAn Illinois teacher whose school board voted 5-2 to terminate her over a social media post decrying the George Floyd riots in nearby Chicago told Fox News on Thursday she is not guilty of their alleged accusation the comments "harm[ed] students," as her attorney wondered aloud how many other educators are having their profiles secretly monitored by school boards or unions.

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Betty Callings

Every teacher needs to protest this woman being fired over a statement she made!!! To all the people who thinks this is great just remember u could b next!!!

Rex Clendenen

This is a great teachable moment for the students in her school district. Hey kids, this is literally what facism looks like. If you think for yourself, or have an opinion that is different from the people in charge, they feel it's ok to destroy your life. When you apply this type of practice to the government, you have a totalitarian dictatorship. This is what the "woke" culture wants for your future. Sounds great.......right?

Eric McCarty

The comments she made are in no way inflammatory or racist. I see a payout in her favor.


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