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People Drive From All Over Arizona To Try The Mac’N Cheese Burger At Lindy’s On 4th

Only In Arizona
Only In Arizona

Have you ever been somewhere where you take that first bite of your food and it’s just pure paradise? There’s a little hole-in-the-wall in Tucson that’s exactly like that. Folks looking to experience culinary nirvana need to investigate Lindy’s On 4th, a long-time staple of Tucson’s bustling Fourth Avenue, to find out whether or not they do, indeed, serve the best burgers in southern Arizona. We think so, but of course, it’s up to you to be the judge!

Enormous burgers piled high with delectable toppings and condiments are perfectly paired with crisp, cold beer and all the soda you can handle.
Lindy's has an incredible macaroni and cheese burger (or should we say, mac'n'cheeseburger) so juicy and delectable that the cheesy goodness oozes down the sides of this behemoth burger and onto the wax paper beneath it, inviting diners to bust out a fork in order to not allow the golden delight to go to waste.
Word of mouth travels quickly, and the legend of Lindy's has been no exception. A relatively young restaurant, Lindy's has become a staple of Fourth Street visitors since its grand opening in 2005. The lines can be long - and for good reason: everyone wants a piece of it.
It's three pounds of hot, juicy beef, and if you eat it (and the sides) in its entirety in 20 minutes or less, it's on the house. You'd be surprised at just how many patrons have claimed victory over the years; it's quite helpful that the burgers are just so darn good that one simply can't bear the thought of not finishing them.
In 2009, Lindy's was featured on Man vs. Food . It's also been seen on the Travel Channel and the Food Network. Folks around the country have seen what Lindy's is capable of, and the assertively American restaurant is filled to the brim with flavor and just the right amount of grease.
...okay, maybe not always, but you get the idea. Definitely in this case.

At Lindy’s on 4th, the best burgers in southern Arizona, you’re going to want to do exactly that. You’ll find yourself unbuttoning that top button on your jeans in the best, most delightfully stuffed way possible. Lindy’s on 4th is well worth the pilgrimage Arizonans take to take on a delicious challenge – or to bite into an ooey-gooey marriage of a juicy burger and warm mac ‘n cheese they won’t find anywhere else.

Have you been to Lindy’s and tasted the mac ‘n cheeseburger? Better yet, have you conquered the WTF Challenge? Let us know in the comments!

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