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Fact check: Biden makes false claims about Covid-19, auto prices and other subjects at CNN town hall

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Washington (CNN) — President Joe Biden participated Wednesday in the second CNN town hall of his presidency, taking questions from anchor Don Lemon and local residents in Cincinnati. As he did at his February town hall, Biden made a number of false or misleading claims. We haven't been able to...

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lps apacaandllamalover

Poor guy, couldn't string two sentences together. I guess you can't listen through your ear piece and think at the same time, too much distraction for him 🤔

Robert Frost

Well what-a-ya know. Has CNN found a small section of its spine? Biden failed 5 out of 6 fact checks, or at least some portion of the facts. CNN setting the table to remove the dementia ridden mental case?

francis Denney

I love the way Biden voters try to hide their gear of what's going on I'm our country. When he lies they will it was mostly true except for a slip of the tongue, when it comes to inflation they will say it's better than when Trump was in and when it comes to illegals pouring over the Border they will say if you don't like it you have to be a racist. it's hard to say what they will say when they are standing in the bread lines... probably...we love bread can you find us a cup of water? They are all a joke so it's time for a good laugh!!


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