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Not Lindsie Chrisley’s Real Father? Todd Kills With Kindness In Response

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Lindsie Chrisley recently mentioned that Todd was NOT her biological father on Instagram. Todd revealed that someone brought this to his attention during this week’s episode of Chrisley Confessions. Now, he didn’t get upset or angry in his response to his daughter basically disowning him on social media. Instead, he killed her with kindness in his response.

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Bonnie Trent

I think she has alot of hate in her heart due to extreme jealousy because of the family show. anyone that would go to the extent to try and have their own family destroyed and put on jail as major mental issues. I can only imagine the hate she is instilling in her son. she should be thankful she as a father biological or not on her life. there are thousands of people who would love the life that is as afforded her. shame on her for being such an ugly person inside she has a very cold heart.

Mayme A. Edwards

Exactly. She is not as popular and definitely is not as pretty as Savannah. Jealously gas a lot to do with it. She needs to thank the Lord God that he has been there for her since she was born. There are kids out here that would literally love fir him to be their Dad. Shame on you Lindsey.

shelly steele

How disgusting!!!! Either way biological or not …. It takes a true amazing man to be a father any male can be a donor


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