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Nick Saban has perfect response to Deion Sanders’ media drama

New York Post

Cover picture for the articleNick Saban has won seven national championships – one with LSU and six with Alabama – and is perhaps the most well-known name in college football. But if you are addressing him, you can call him whatever you’d like. “Look, I respond to just about anything, and I’ve been called...

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Independent Thinker

The man said that he didn’t want to be called by his first name. He wanted to be called Coach. What’s hard to understand? You people are making it about race. Perhaps you don’t like that he used Nick Saban. But, if was disrespectful for the reporter to continue calling the man by his first name when asked not too. If anyone was tripping, it was the reporter. The reporter didn’t like being challenged publicly so he continued to call the coach by his first name. And then when asked why he said that he addresses all coaches in that manner, which is likely a lie.

Parnell Williams

Prime is right. It's about respect. Pure and simple. Deion is looking to be a great coach... maybe HOF level. Now who called Coach Eddie Robinson Eddie? More than that I've never heard a reporter call Nick Saban Nick. It's Coach Saban. Or Coach Paterno. Or Coach Belichick. Coach Landry. It's about due respect equally...pure and simple.


as far as couching go I agree, just like Nick Saben will never be as good as defensive back as Deon Sanders. If someone wants to be addressed a certain way then have the common curiosity to call him what he wants. He is a Hall of Famer


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