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How Yolanda Hadid helped Erika discover Tom’s alleged infidelity

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Cover picture for the articleYolanda Hadid may not be a “Housewife” anymore, but she’s still helping the ladies in Beverly Hills. Erika Jayne claimed that she “never” looked through hubby Tom Girardi’s phone until she saw Hadid go through a divorce with David Foster in 2015 — which helped Jayne discover that Girardi had allegedly been having a “years-long” affair.

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Kasia Remiszewski

just stop....they go divorced to protect their money from the shady business he was involved in. and now they re coming up with fake reasons so people that matter will believe them

Shannon weedman

Yolanda was real sick because of her leaking breast implants that is making many women sick now. she got a lot better after she got them removed and cleaned out,she doesn't talk about or defend other women about it. most dr.s are denying there's a problem with implants especially the flap implants.


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