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Baker Not Looking At Bringing Back COVID Restrictions In Massachusetts Despite Rise In Cases

CBS Boston
CBS Boston

SANDWICH (CBS) –Gov. Charlie Baker said Thursday that he’s not currently looking at bringing back COVID restrictions in Massachusetts, despite a recent rise in case numbers.

“We’re not looking at changing any of our existing rules or policies,” he said at an event in Sandwich.

Baker touted the fact that Massachusetts has the second-highest vaccination rate in the country.

“The vaccines are overwhelmingly effective,” he said. “If you look at the number of people that have been hospitalized who’ve been vaccinated, it’s a very small number.”

Coronavirus cases have been on the rise in Massachusetts. The state reported 457 new cases on Wednesday.

There have also been more than 5,000 breakthrough cases among fully vaccinated residents. Experts say the increase is due to the highly contagious Delta variant.

The total number of COVID-19 cases in an ongoing Provincetown cluster has increased to 256. The popular summer destination is requiring the unvaccinated to wear masks in busy locations, and Nantucket is also encouraging face masks indoors.

Massachusetts dropped most of its COVID restrictions in May.

“My biggest message to everybody is that – if you haven’t been vaccinated and you’re eligible, you should get vaccinated, because it is in fact the best and most effective way to protect yourself,” Baker said.

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about time he does the right thing ,myself I called him emailed nonstop about civil rights & constitutional violations like 3 months ago nonstop I won't hesitate to do it again..It's time we live our lives.

Mike Gallant

I think Governor Baker knows it's better to let his constituents make their own good decisions, than to push a lockdown on us again. he'd rather have us be happy that everything is open, and let us make our own good decisions. because LOCKDOWNS DIDN'T WORK!

chuck gurney

You're NOT protected if you got the "vaccine"!!! You just, possibly, minimized your symptoms if/when you contract the virus or ANY virus for that matter!!!!Wake up!!! There is no way another shut down hapoens!! It doesn't work and It will kill any semblance of economy!!!!


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