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How Kamala Harris' Approval Rating Stacks Up With Mike Pence's 6 Months into Vice Presidency


Cover picture for the articleAfter six months in office, polling suggests that more voters disapprove of Vice President Kamala Harris than approve of the job she has done thus far. Survey results from Politico/Morning Consult released on Wednesday showed that just 45 percent of respondents held a favorable view of the vice president's performance. Meanwhile, 47 percent had an unfavorable view and 5 percent said they had no opinion. The survey had a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percent and was conducted from July 16 to 18.

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Lynn Blankenship

Other than visiting Bakeries and Coffee Shops For Photo OP’s......she’s accomplished NOTHING. Imagine blaming the Mass of ILLEGALS coming because of Climate Change 🤣. Then goes to the Boarder.....MILES AWAY FROM the Boarder, completely ignoring the problem area 🙄. But Hey 👋, put on a dinner for Women Only ..... and meetings only with Blacks 🤔. She’s definitely the most RACIST VP and a complete embarrassment to America as much as Joe and that Flakey Wife Jill.

Stephanie Anderson Jr.

they all need to be impeached there worthless only 6 months in they've managed to turn this country upside down they have to the worst president and vice President ever

Flying Dutchman2

A very recent poll, showed that only 22% of the people felt she was capable of replacing Biden as President.That’s a pretty bar too. This is what happens, when you use race and gender as the sole criteria for picking a running mate.


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