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God created us to be His friends

Cover picture for the articleDear Rev. Graham: Is it true that God really wants to be a friend? — F.G. Dear F.G.: Biologists speculate about how mankind came to be on earth, but the question is not “how” but “why.” This is the crucial question. Don’t miss what the Bible says about this: God created us to have a personal relationship with Himself. To put it another way, He created us to be His friends. This was the divine plan right from the beginning. When Adam and Eve were first created — the purpose had its origin in the love of God. It was, however, a friendship with a difference. On a human level, we usually choose friends who are similar to us — those with like interests or kindred personalities. But God and Adam were not equals. God is the sovereign Ruler of the universe, the all-powerful Creator, who not only made everything but also controls and sustains it, from the largest galaxy to the smallest glimmer of light.

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