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Shannon Sharpe makes shocking admission, says LeBron James is no longer the best in the NBA

Lakers Daily
Lakers Daily
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Shannon Sharpe, a commentator on Fox Sports 1, is known as a huge fan of LeBron James. However, he just admitted that the Los Angeles Lakers superstar is no longer the best player in the world. If Giannis Antetokounmpo is indeed now the best, he has certainly earned it. He...

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Flying Dutchman2

James is a great player, but his lack of class and his arrogance, is a huge negative to me. The final nail was putting the police officer up as a target and saying you are next. Celebrities have a responsibility to set a good example. He definitely did not. Brazenly sneaking tequila into the play off game, told me, he needed attention from anyone willing to give it.

Derrick Altman

La bron has the rings Does Milwaukee one championship si not return next year the Lakers are going break the most TITLES in the NBA like the New York Yankees MLB titles in history the Lakers record speaks for it self.


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