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Shamari DeVoe Says She Quit Real Housewives Due To Editing That Made Her Seem Like She Was Drinking More Than She Was; Says “They Make You Look Like Something You’re Not”

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It’s not every day that a Housewife walks away from the limelight on their own accord . Let’s just say these roles attract a certain time of fame-seeker. But, there are exceptions to every rule.

Following her single-season appearance in season 11 of Real Housewives of Atlanta , Shamari DeVoe made it very clear to her fans and critics that she was NOT fired from the franchise. Instead, the singer who was brought on by her pal Kandi Burruss decided to leave the show on her own. If you blinked, you may have missed Shamari’s time on RHOA . Personally? I adored her.

Shamari’s season featured other major stories such as Gregg Leakes’ cancer , Porsha Williams’ pregnancy, and NeNe Leakes attack on the filming crew (and pregnant Porsha) in her messy closet. The highlight of it all? Shamari seemingly chugging any drink in sight and vomiting on Eva Marcelle during NeNe’s dinner party. Now I know you all didn’t forget about that.

While Shamari isn’t the first wife to party too hard on camera ( or the last ), she sure is one of the first to take her display out of the public eye. That’s perhaps the healthiest thing we’ve seen from a thirsty (no pun intended) Housewife in….ever?

During an interview with theJasmineBrand , Shamari gave some insight into her time on the Real Housewives of Atlanta and what exactly went in to her portrayal on the show. She revealed, “There’s a lot in editing, so they make you look like something that you’re not.” I believe it. Just like we never actually *saw* Nene attack Porsha in that closet, though we all know it happened. Not the first fight of Porsha’s to go missing, either.

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Shamari continued to explain what exactly the fans didn’t get to see. She shared, “So there was a scene that I did during [ RHOA ] that was about couples and learning different tools and skills to keep your relationship going. And they cut that whole scene out. But they wanted to show me with my lil wine and make it seem like I’m just this drunk or whatever. But that’s not me–there’s a balance. Like they didn’t show the fact that I was doing the Married 4 Life Walk, that I was helping people come together.”

I believe it. Mostly because those aren’t stellar first-year Housewife storylines. Still, that sucks for a momma just trying to get her sips in while filming for what was once iconic reality show.

Shamari gave some more insight into her habits. She said. “The thing about [me drinking on camera is] I hadn’t drank in like 2 years because I was pregnant with the boys, I was breastfeeding. When I got on [ RHOA ] they [were] just shoving drinks at [me] left and right… So I’m like ‘Okay cool, I can finally get away from the twins’…[The drinks] went straight to the head.”

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In the end Shamari made sure we all knew there was no bad blood between her and the other women. She explained, “But I love all of the ladies on the show, and I love them and I wish them well. And I’m not saying I would never go back to [ RHOA ] or anything like that, but it just has to be right for me and my family… [The editing] got to the point where my mother was saying ‘Shamari, [why] are you drinking so much? Are you an alcoholic?’” Ugh. That sounds rough.

I still give credit to Shamari for being one of the few to actually remove themselves from a show they feel is causing them, their family, and/or their image harm. Confidence is key, people. Now if only she could have left behind some of that fun-loving attitude. This franchise sure could use it as we get ready for next season.

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Evangeline Myles

I believe every word she is saying and I applaud you for doing what u have to do money is not everything The Lord Will make away for U I believe and know he will. That was a big step.

truth or friends

Let's understand that this place is Babylon and by no means a place of rest for us (Peep all the hate these ppl constantly spew, it's all written in the book). Our people are the people of the bible and the quicker we realize that and return to the laws statues and commandments the quicker we are released from the curses of Deuteronomy chapter 28. I pray those whose spirits are called to read this are also called to search into our stolen heritage as the true Israelites the bible was written for, to, and about. If it isn't that's ok too God gives the increase, I just have to plant the seed.

Clarice Starling

I loved Shamari! And, I particularly loved her when she vomited on Eva’s shoes-it was hilarious. She did do the right thing to leave that show-it’s become unbearable to watch now.


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