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Mitch McConnell Goes Against Fellow Republicans, Won't Blame Biden for Vaccine Hesitancy


Cover picture for the articleSenate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has urged Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccine as cases of the highly contagious Delta variant rise sharply across the U.S. The Republican senator from Kentucky told unvaccinated Americans not to listen to "demonstrably bad advice" on vaccines, but his remarks have put him at odds with some in his own party who have placed the blame for vaccine hesitancy on the Biden administration.

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keeping it real

We need to lock back down until we get the virus 100% gone. if we did it correct in the first place we wouldn't be back here again. Them dam Republican are going to kill us all trying to make a buck. They are going to be in their rich homes while America suffers. You don't half fix a problem.

I'll send for u

listen to yourself. what good is this country if this virus and its variants become full blown again. who's going to produce the food and all necessities then. This thing is raging a war and we're beginning to war with each other. This is something man can controlled and contained however, too many don't want to try.

Tommie Gore

How could he, the retards I' mean the repubs are all in on the big lie, even Trump wouldn't tell his worshippers to take the vaccine, and he and his family got the needle, wake up numskulls


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