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Bobby Lashley Turns Down Goldberg’s Challenge For WWE Title Match

Cover picture for the articleIn a post on Twitter, Bobby Lashley turned down Goldberg’s challenge for a WWE title match, which he made after Monday’s episode of RAW. Lashley wrote: “You don’t belong in the same world as me, let alone the same ring. Get that close again, @The305MVP won’t be able to hold me back. No thanks, old man.”

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Justin Robertson

if lashley doesn't want to ruin his run he would avoid a 2 minute goldberg match lashley has come along way to have a squash match with goldberg and goldberg doesn't need to come back whenever he wants and be in the title picture what about the men who work 300 or more days a year

Linda Crespo

Bobby is scared of Goldberg and the Scottish warrior that’s why he has people beating him up and trying to hurt him so he can get the ring again with him but I think that’s bull I think they should let him in the ring again with him and take MVP and keep him out keep out the three other guys that are helping MVP and let’s see what happens

Michael Barajas

it's because Bobby left is a coward and scared of Goldberg that's why he won't fight him because he knows he's next


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