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In the frugal last meal of a man 2,400 years ago, scientists see signs of human sacrifice

NBC News
NBC News

Cover picture for the articleWhen the Tollund Man was discovered in a bog in Denmark 71 years ago, he was so well preserved that his finders thought he was the victim of a recent murder. It took archaeologists to reveal he had been thrown into the bog almost 2,400 years ago, and that he’d first been hanged — a noose of plaited animal hide was still around his neck. The careful arrangement of the body and face — his closed eyes and faint smile — suggested he may have been killed as a human sacrifice, rather than executed as a criminal.

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Island grl

Why don't they do the humane thing and give him a decent burial!? I dont care to see a mummy, it's just not right, this was a living human being not an art object, sad

Michelle Fleming

I have to know...after someone dies how long must I wait to dig it up before it is research and not grave robbing? asking for a for a

Helen B

I guess we all have dark pasts as long as man was alive. which goes to prove the saying my mother always told me. "People who live in glass houses should be the ladt to cast a stone."


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