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Tia Mowry of 'Sister, Sister' Shares Rare Photos of White Dad, Timothy, Showing Their Uncanny Resemblance


"Sister, Sister" star Tia Mowry recently shared photos of her rarely-seen white father, Timothy Mowry. The biracial beauty showed her likeness to her beloved dad. Check out their uncanny similarities.

Actress Tia Mowry is proud to be a part of an industry that recognizes her talents. However, the former child star is even prouder to belong to a family with a unique and diverse background.

Tia and her three other siblings - twin sister Tamera, Tahj, and Tavior - have interracial parents. Their mother, Darlene Mowry, is of Black descent, while their father, Timothy Mowry, is a white German national.

Between their parents, Tia seems to be Timothy's lookalike. The 43-year-old TV actress shared two never-before-seen pictures of her father during their recent vacation in Maui, Hawaii. She wrote in the caption:

"The last time we were in #hawaii together as a family was when I was a kid!"

The first picture proved that she and her youthful father share remarkable features. Tia, who donned a floral top, shades, and long braids, smiled beside her dad, who looked dapper in a black shirt and shades.

"You look like him!!!" a fan exclaimed. More of Tia's followers commented that she and her dad share the same smiles, while another remarked that the TV star's 10-year-old son Cree inherited Timothy's looks as well.

"The Family Reunion" star added that her father has better privileges compared to her mother.

Tia's dad flashed a smile in the second photo while leaning by the black railings with different kinds of trees sprawling in the background. The white clouds and blue skies added beauty to his delightful snap.

Besides reminiscing the family's good old days, Tia thanked Timothy for being the best grandfather to her son and daughter, Cairo, 3. Being able to watch him build relationships with her kids is bringing her much joy.

Like her little ones, Tia shares a good bond with her father even if the latter is already distant from her mother. Her sister, Tamera, revealed in 2019 that Darlene and Timothy have been divorced for several years.

The former couple is peacefully living their lives separately. Tamera also revealed that her father has a girlfriend named Nana, while her mother has been very private about her love life.

When the twin sisters recently celebrated their 43rd birthday, Darlene celebrated the special occasion with Tamera's family. The twin sisters' other siblings Tahj and Tavior, joined in the fun event.

Timothy stayed in a luxury resort in Hawaii with Tia's family to celebrate his daughter's milestone. It was a smooth birthday celebration for the twins, and they had no complaints about their setup.

No longer together, they continue to show their support to Tia and Tamera's careers. They accompanied their famous daughters on several out-of-town trips when they were still starting out in the industry around 1990.

Sadly, Darlene and Timothy's biracial relationship at the time raised eyebrows. Growing up in a mixed-race family, Tia shared last year that she noticed people treated her mom and dad differently.

"The Family Reunion" star added that her father has better privileges compared to her mother. Tia recalled how some individuals would directly cast judgment on Darlene because of her race and skin color.

With racism continuing to this day, Tia hopes to see a real change in the future. As a mother of two, she teaches her children about the rich culture and history of the Black community.

Tia, who's married to actor Cory Hardrict, welcomed Cree in 2011 and Cairo in 2018. After giving birth, she shared she once had unhealthy thoughts about her post-partum body, but she has since embraced her imperfections.

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Why couldn’t the article just say ‘Tia Mowery on Hawaiian vacation with her Dad?’ 🙄. This race thing is getting out of hand

Levern Thompson

I'm taken back with the editors words "uncanny" that she looks like her Father. I would be insulted if I were the twins, Mother and Father. Editor, just because a parent is White does not mean a Black child cannot look like their White parent.


How is it that Tim is a “white German national” when in fact he was born in Miami FL and was in the service and served in the military and was stationed in German, why can you not get even the smallest facts right?


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