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Chicago Cubs: Javier Baez is not worth the contract he wants


Cover picture for the articleThe Chicago Cubs are in a very difficult position. They are not a good baseball team and their superstars that helped them win the World Series in 2016 are all on expiring contracts at the same time. Javier Baez, Anthony Rizzo, and Kris Bryant could all be traded if they don’t sign extensions before the deadline next week. None of them have been good enough to warrant some of the money that they believe they deserve either which makes things even worse.

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Isaac Stephens

frankie lindor got 300 million ..And he can't hit with men on base and he doesn't knock in 100 RBIs a year...At least Baez does so really none of them are worth it ..But blame ownerships and the Yankees and redsoxs for overpaying people for years!! look at manny Machado his value has dipped tremendously but he got paid!! and now mookie bets has lost some luster...Its the money 💰 it changes the mind set.


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