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Stimulus Checks Fourth Round To Be Approved By August?

Cover picture for the articleStimulus checks in the previous round had been approved nearly about four months back from now, and it was the largest round which paid out at $1,400 per family, who are eligible Americans. Since the rolling out of the payments, a sharp decline in the hardship rates was observed. However, the effect caused by the impact payments and rolling out stimulus checks can be seen to be fading.

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Jacqueline Zar

all I am going to say is this president is unfair bet he sleeps on a full stomach and then maybe he wouldn't remember if he did Mr President what about the disabled and people on Ssi everything is so expensive we need

Joseph Hall

I'm 43 and permanently disabled and retired my wife works part time at a fast food restaurant we are appreciative blessed grateful and thankful for what we have we might not have much we take good care of our families inflation prices rising we need continued help from a continuous stimulus check package to last errybody until this pandemic is over atleast $2,000 a month. it breaks my heart to see animals and people go hungry and starve going to bed with empty stomachs my father raised me as a single father he did a good job. first yah parents take care of yah and before they get to old age start taking care of them nationwide food shortage people have to choice to pay the light bill or put food on the table for their families that's ridiculous should have to come down to that. homelessness percentages have went up drastically our military leave their families to protect ours they get treated like trash I'm sick of it the government has failed em and us

Amanda Morbid Leigh

Pay people a decent fkn wage and you wouldn't have so many of them relying on getting these stimulus checks just to survive. They are wealthy off of OUR BACKS and hard work, remember that. There's no worker shortage, it's a wage shortage. And people..are..simply..tired of it.👌


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