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NASCAR Decides On Punishment For Kyle Busch After Pace Car Incident

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Kyle Busch apparently will not be penalized for his actions Sunday afternoon at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. During caution laps after his early controversial wreck in the Foxwoods 301, Busch multiple times bumped into the rear of the pace car. Competition officials later said the incident would be addressed in Tuesday’s penalty report.

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Donna Cooper

This is so wrong he should be fined and penalized for his actions that is why he cries every time he don’t get his why because NASCAR let’s his by with stuff like this

Public Enemy

when Kyle cry baby busch puts or turns someone into the wall it's called racing but when he gets wrecked they have no business racing like that

Norma Jean Rademacher

If it had been any other driver NASCAR would have penalized them! I don’t get the fascination with Busch! He pouts when he doesn’t get his way & then does the exact opposite when he does! I, for one, don’t think Nascar Cup Champions should be allowed to race in Xfinity at all! Once you become a Champion you have proven yourself and therefore the lower tier is off limits, NOT YOUR PLAYGROUND! He can run in trucks all he wants as they are totally different! NASCAR is losing fans and it’s their own fault! First was changing the format to win the Championship! Second was having 2 Champions in the same year! Third was allowing POLITICAL BS into the tracks! Taking away the Confederate Flag was a big part of nascar grass roots and bubbles Wallace ruined it! SRX is more exciting even though the caution flags drive me nuts! NASCAR is dying & I need to offload my collection! 😂 Have a great day y’all! Carry on!


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