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George P. Bush warns border crisis is 'not sustainable' as he sues Biden over wall, hits Dems for fleeing

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Fox News

Cover picture for the articleTexas Land Commissioner George P. Bush on Tuesday warned that the border crisis is "not sustainable" as he explained how his office came to sue the Biden administration over its ending of wall construction, while also tearing into Texas Democrats for fleeing the state. "I can tell you this is...

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Thank you for our state leaders standing up to Biden. Many months ago I stated it would take the work of others to stop the massive unarmed invasion of illegal immigrants. Over 100 countries have had there citizens caught at the border. 34% have been caught more than once. There have been terrorists on the watchlist caught also. Biden has made huge mistakes and he should be held accountable. He broke the wall contract and invited the world to cross our borders. Thank you to Florida, Nebraska, and Ohio for sending support to our border. I'm sorry if I left out other states. Texans, stand your ground and protect what's yours. We lost at the Alamo, but we won't lose this war. TEXANS UNITED!!!!!

David Anderson

the Democrats that fled from their job need to pay for the airplane transport and forfeit their salaries while they were away from their job

Johnny Espinoza

here we go again. go fix your own fucken country. stop coming over here and waiving your flag proudly as if it did so much for you.


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