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Justice Stephen Breyer remaining on the Supreme Court is a gamble


Cover picture for the articleLast week, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer disappointed many liberals by announcing that he doesn’t have any plans to step down from the high court at this time. The pressure from the left to get Breyer to resign so that President Joe Biden can nominate a successor in his first year was already overwhelming. Breyer’s comments to CNN’s Joan Biskupic kicked criticism from the left into overdrive: “a pathological disregard for other human beings,” Adam Serwer wrote. “[T]his is about ego,” Demand Justice’s Brian Fallon added. Or, as Imani Gandy put it: “What the hell, man?”

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gerald hubbell

Democrats leave the guy alone. I truly hope that he stays in office for the whole of his life. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelisi are the ones that need to retire….NOW!


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