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Kobe Bryant Trash Talked Luis Scola In Spanish So Hard That LeBron James Had To Tell Him To Chill

Cover picture for the articleTrash-talking is one of the most important aspects of basketball. Oftentimes, it isn't the performance of the player on the court, but the things he says to his opponents that help determine the outcome of the game. Basketball has seen a lot of great trash talkers over the years. But perhaps no one was more relentless in his trash-talking in the modern era than Kobe Bryant. Bryant was one of the most fiercely competitive players in NBA history. And a big part of that was his ability to trash talk and get inside his opponents' heads. But sometimes, Kobe could get carried away in what he said.

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Shannon Jaymes

And you keep bringing up Kobe why? I know this is true, but can't we take the stake out of our hearts? What 90% of the players had Kobe's on. It's just so sad. My hero is gone and I can't move past it. I remember when this happened tho. #GOAT 💜💛💜💛


So true if you going to trash talk, you better know how to play the game


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