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‘NCIS’ Drops ‘Iconic’ Pic From Behind Scenes as Show Begins Production on New Season

NCIS is back in business. Production for the season is officially underway, and the Instagram account for the hit series just gave fans a sneak peek behind the scenes. The show will air its 19th season this fall. NCIS has been an absolute hit in the ratings, dominating other scripted dramas.

The Instagram account for the show posted a photo of chief medical examiner Jimmy Palmer’s glasses. They captioned the photo, originally posted by Jimmy actor Brian Dietzen, by simply writing “Iconic, no?”

Fans seem excited to see Jimmy Palmer back on screen for next season.

“DEFINITELY! The ICONIC Jimmy Palmer Glasses.” one fan wrote. Others were quick to compare the glasses to John Lennon’s old look.

Some fans, however, commented with a bit of worry. Many are having trouble with the fact that Agent Ellie Bishop won’t be on the show next year. Actress Emily Wickersham left after a decade on the show, making her one of the many actors that have eventually decided to leave the show behind.

Emily Wickersham To Leave ‘NCIS’, Katrina Law and Gary Cole to Join

Emily Wickersham confirmed she would not return to the show after her character departed on the NCIS season 18 finale. The finale found Ellie Bishop going undercover on a new mission, leaving the NCIS team behind for good. Wickersham confirmed her exit on Instagram.

Mark Harmon is also taking a step back from the series. While he will appear in season 19, he won’t be in many episodes. It’s rumored that he’s ready to leave the show entirely, but CBS said that if he left, they’d have to cancel the show.

To combat the two losses, NCIS has hired two new actors onto the team. Katrina Law, who featured in the last couple of episodes in season 18, will join the season as agent Jessica Knight. Gary Cole, who’s known for The Good Wife and Office Space, is also joining the show. He’ll play a character named Special Agent Alden Park, but fans don’t know anything else about him.

This isn’t the first time the show’s experienced a major cast change. Tony DiNozzo, Abby Scuito, and Ziva David are all iconic NCIS characters that are no longer on the series. While fans definitely miss them, the show has continued to be a success even with major shake-ups. The biggest challenge NCIS will face next year will be going up against Monday night football, which could cause the show to lose some viewers.

NCIS will premiere on Monday, September 20th at 9 pm. It’ll serve as a lead-off to its brand new spinoff series, NCIS: Hawai’i, which will follow a group of NCIS special agents working at Pearl Harbor.

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