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Ask Amy: Bad chemistry leads to awkward visits

Cover picture for the articleDear Amy: My husband and I have spent several of the past few summers visiting (his) longtime family friends at their vacation home. They are always very kind and welcoming. While I enjoy the wife in this couple, I find the husband to be very off-putting. In the beginning, I...

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as a very untrained professional. I recommend some xanax and a blunt. when he asks why you don't like him I suggest you just say "because your a dickhead". leave it at that and move on. follow me for more life tips.

Willie Walkingstick

You don't like him. He hasn't done anything to you. He hasn't said anything offensive to you, yet you don't like him and don't trust him, again with no reason. However, it doesn't stop you from making many trips to their vacation home! And evidently you're either so standoffish, rude, bitchy or all three, that the poor man ask your husband why you don't like him and you're offended! You find him rude for asking a perfectly acceptable question. And you're worried that he may ask you that same question, while you're staying, yet again, at THEIR vacation home! Do this man a favor lady. When your husband packs to go on this up coming vacation, leave your bags on the closet. No man or woman should have to put up with you, in their home, for even 5 minutes. Did it ever occur to you that he or his wife might not like you? And the only reason your keep getting invited back is because they adore your husband and they're willing to put up with you, no matter how distasteful it is?


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