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Two Toddlers and an Infant With Fractured Skull Alone For 5 Days Without Food, Water After Mother’s Murder


A father living a double life has been arrested for the murder of his infant’s mother, who was dead for five days in her home before police discovered her.

As AZCentral reports, Andre Daniels, 30, was arrested on suspicion of murdering Shavone Robinson after evidence placed him at the scene of the fatal stabbing in May.

According to the report, police responding to an apartment complex in Phoenix on May 17 found two children, ages 2 and 3, on the patio of their second-story apartment unit, crying and asking neighbors for food. Unable to get in through the front door, officers entered the apartment through the patio door and found Robinson dead with multiple stab wounds. An infant was found on the floor next to its mother, and was later found to have a fractured skull and internal bleeding.

Some local reporters have indicated on social media that the mother was holding the baby when they were both found.

A subsequent investigation determined that Robinson had been dead for five days, with her children without adequate access to food or water. All three children are now in good condition, according to the report.

Police sources told the news outlet that Daniels is the father of Robinson’s youngest child. Robison reportedly discovered that Daniels had children with and was engaged to another woman. Four days before she was killed, Robinson contacted the other woman and told her that Daniels was the father of her baby.

Police also found messages showing that Daniels had encouraged Robinson to end the pregnancy, and then to put the child up for adoption. Cell phone tracking placed Daniel’s at Robinson’s home on May 12, the day police believe she was killed.

Daniels, who has a previous criminal history, is facing charges of first-degree murder, child abuse, and possession of a weapon by a prohibited person. He is being held on $3 million bail.

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Agent Orange Widow

How very sad. My heart goes out to her family in their hour of loss. I pray the children will not remember the ugliness of this, but instead remember the love of their mother & find love & happiness with a new family. It is not the Color of a person that commits these crimes, but the Evil within. Evil comes in many Colors & has many faces.Prayers to the family & may she RIP 💐

Lee Davis

they label sex afenders. they should label these men who abuse and kill girl friends or wiVES. dont set the next women up for sudden death when just looking to be LOVED..

Meredith Gregory

Regarding the murdered mom w/children, OP sincerely hope that if these children are put Foster Care or adopted out that the Social Worker(s) disclosed to those people the Trauma these children had been thru as an infant & toddlers. some may believe they are too young to remember. However, as we now know even without a conscious memory they do recall a tramatic experience which can manifest itself in many ways when they're older. If their Guardians are made aware they will be able to watch for abnormal behaviors & can immediately get them the help they need. poor little tykes, I hope their coming years are happy, they certainly deserve it.


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