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Cause of Frankie Lons’ Death (Keyshia Cole’s Mom)

Cover picture for the articleKeyshia Cole’s famous mom Frankie Lons died in her Oakland home on her 61st birthday while celebrating and using. Her brother Tony reported to TMZ that she was partying and succumbed to her decades-long debilitating drug addiction. Frankie had a very dark life that led her down many destructive paths...

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MrJames Craft

To whom it may concern you now see that every topic is how did Keyshia Cole mother pass away we all know so why is it that they have to run it in the ground not there was somebody famous white person it wouldn't run it in the ground but being that she's black they gonna run it in the ground God bless you Keisha I'm a big fan of yours and I love you just remember that she's in a better place no one now can judge her God bless you and God be with you

Turkessa Brooks

I go through dealing with my mom on crack on a daily basis and she's been doing crack for over 28 years, I pray every day for her. She's been too rehab 3 times and still continues to get high. But I've learned that if they don't want to get clean then sending them to rehab was a waste of time because she was only going because we wanted her too. Prayers and condolences good out to Keyshia Cole and her family.

Ruth Demille

So many people judge people with drug addiction not really knowing what their life was about! Instead of judging g,” let’s try and lend an ear to listen to them as they struggle and perhaps we can make a difference in their life so


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