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Detroit, MI

Barricaded gunman situation in Detroit resolved peacefully

Motor City Metro
Motor City Metro
(Michael Förtsch/Unsplash)

By Ashanti Lee Seabron

(DETROIT) Following hours of negotiations throughout the early Monday morning hours, Detroit Police were able to peacefully resolve a barricaded gunman situation on the city's southwest side, Fox 2 Detroit reports.

What began as an alleged domestic dispute at an apartment around Belle and Springwells turned into a tense standoff between a female gunman and police.

According to Commander Darren Szilagy, the woman would come out to the porch, light things on fire and tell police she was going to come out with a gun and have them kill her.

"So it was a suicide by cop situation, very difficult and dangerous situation for our police officers to be in in the middle of the night here in southwest Detroit," Szilagy said.

Despite the erratic behavior, police were able to create rapport with the woman after using recordings from her parents. After this, she surrendered peacefully.

Police have not commented on what caused the situation but said the suspect had a long history of mental illness. Szilagy estimates that about 50% of his barricaded person situations involved people with a mental illness.

Friends of the woman had previously said that she had gotten into a fight with her girlfriend that escalated.

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