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Autopsy Worker Tragically Reveals What Happens to a Baby When a Pregnant Woman Dies


Cover picture for the articleLosing a loved one is hard enough, but it's a double tragedy when a pregnant woman and her baby pass away together. An autopsy worker has revealed exactly what happens to a baby when a mom-to-be sadly dies, with people admitting they've been moved to tears. Autopsy tech, G Dubya,...

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Ivy vel

This is very personal to me. My cousin was killed while full term pregnant unfortunately they didn’t survive. We had her funeral with Her and Her baby in the same casket. And put the clothes that she had on her delivery bag ready for her birth. It was the the hardest thing ever. And to hear thos makes me feel all those things again. But at peace that he did this for her.

E Vee

This is the Most deeply saddest thing to happen to pregnant mothers, but it's so good to know that such deep sensitive care of this is done. RIP sweet Mother's & little Angels😪🙏🏽

Tina nunya

i dont know why anyone would want a baby placed back into the womb before a viewing. i would think the mom.would want peoples last viewing to show both of them together at rest with a baby in her arms like she would have if she had not died.


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