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Baby girl rescued after floating a MILE out to sea on rubber ring while parents were ‘distracted’ on Tunisia beach

The US Sun
The US Sun

A BABY girl has been rescued after floating nearly a MILE out to sea off the coast of Tunisia.

Video footage shows the moment the tearful one-year-old was hooked from a rubber ring after her parents became 'distracted'.
The baby girl was rescued by local officers off the coast of Tunisia Credit: Facebook

Officers were quickly called to save the child, who was unharmed after her ordeal.

According to local reports, the incident happened just after 5pm on Saturday off a beach in Kelibia, on the country's north east coast.

Government sources told local radio station Shems FM that the girl had likely been blown out to sea by strong winds.

They added that her parents are thought to have been “momentarily distracted” at the time.

In the footage, taken from a jet ski, the little girl is captured sitting in a pink inflatable ring.

As the boat approaches, she swiftly pulled towards the vehicle by a lifeguard as wails for help.

The camera then pans out to show the coast in the distance, revealing just how far the infant had drifted out.

Together, the man in the water and the man on the jet ski lift the crying child onto the jet ski and clip her in before speeding off to the safety of the shore.

A Facebook user shared the video, writing in a post: 'Bravo and watch your children while swimming'.

Local authorities also urged parents to be vigilant and not to take risks during expected weather changes in the area, Shems FM reported.

Social media users also counted their blessings that the was rescued safely.

However, others questioned how the parents had not noticed that their child had drifted so far out.

It follows a similar baby related rescue mission earlier this year when a cop managed to save a new-born of the Spanish enclave of Ceuta.

The incident came amid a border scramble as an estimated 8,000 immigrants desperately attempted to swim from Morocco to the Spanish shores.

It was estimated that 5,000 reached Ceuta after swimming round a border fence - with one found dead - after many used inflatable rings and rubber dinghies, authorities said.
Footage shows how the girl was hooked from her pink rubber dingy a mile out at sea Credit: Facebook
Local media reported that she was unharmed after the ordeal Credit: Facebook

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Vickie Andrus

This is definitely child endangerment and parents should be charged. Who takes their eyes off a child,especially this young! This little one could just as easily have drowned!! Never ever take your eyes off a child that is in water. Not even for a second!!


It is common basic sense!!Why did this baby not even have a life jacket??What could be so important that both parents took their eyes off of her!!What if the float would have tipped or something was curious or even hungry.This is child neglect and endangerment!! DON'T GIVE THIS BABY BACK TO THESE PEOPLE!!


that poor baby .I'm so glad she okay & she safe.But Her Parents Both Need To Be Put In Jail .For Child Endangerment. Or Attempted Murder.


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