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Protect the Supreme Court with a constitutional amendment

Washington Examiner

Cover picture for the articleConstitutional amendments gave women the right to vote and limited presidents to two terms in office. Now we need a constitutional amendment to preserve the independence of the Supreme Court. At Austin College, where I am a rising senior and a prospective law student, I have had the opportunity to...

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Chris Biggerstaff

And while they are at it create an amendment on Term Limits for both Congress and Senate, 2 terms 4 years each just like for the President. Also REDUCE all of their powers back to what it was when the Government first started and Reduce the Government back down to what it was when it first started. Get rid of the FBI and the IRS as well and Reduce the powers of the EPA..

Deepak Chiwdry

Time for a second constitutional convention. Not sure what the states would decide, but has to better than congress—congress has become too far removed from the people.

David Hurlbutt

There is a no way any Constitutional amendment is going to be passed in the current political environment. The bar is simply too high to pass an amendment in a more or less equally divided country. The author of this article fantasizes about becoming a lawyer, he really should wait until he is smarter.


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